Exhibition Information

Welcome to the second Sculpture at Beaulieu exhibition. The gardens of Palace House make an excellent backdrop for sculpture, especially as there is a variety of distinctly different areas, each with its own theme. Introducing sculptural elements not only enriches a walk around the gardens but also gives you reason to stop and take in the atmosphere as you admire, or puzzle over, the works on display.

Smaller pieces are exhibited inside my ancestral home of Palace House, where the aesthetic of period furniture and décor is enlivened by the addition of these contemporary works.

Visiting the Exhibition – Some Advice

Safety Information

  • Your safety is our first concern. Some pieces are heavy and will cause serious injury if they fall.
  • Please use your common sense, touch things gently by all means, but please be aware of sharp edges, moving parts and do not compromise their stability.
  • Any damage caused will be charged to those people responsible.
  • Please keep children under supervision at all times.

Purchasing a sculpture

To purchase a sculpture please go to our shop located at the main Visitor Reception in the attraction entrance building where you can secure your purchase with a deposit (or buy outright if less than £500). Credit cards accepted. All sold pieces will be available for collection on designated collection days after the exhibition.

Location of Beaulieu